10 Ideal Countries to Travel Alone

Many people like to travel alone. They say that because they can get to know the world and themselves. And besides, no need for anyone to adjust: you want the whole day lain on the beach and do not go – please, suddenly decided to go explore the ruins – but at least right now!

The main thing is to make your trip just left a good impression and were safe. That is why in this collection are 10 countries with the highest rates of the Global Index of peace and international index of happiness.



The best way to get acquainted with Norway – is a ride aboard one of the ships that sail along the coast of the country, passing through some of the most beautiful fjords and stopping in dozens of seaports along the way. Or go on a multi-day hike along the fjords, stopping at hotels and mountain huts. Northern Lights is a bonus.

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Arm yourself with good hiking boots and head out to explore the vastness of Switzerland. Fortunately, it is very well developed transport structure, so to every interesting place is the tram, train or boat. Visit Zurich and then go south to the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux and Lausanne, where you will find plenty of entertainment: restaurants, nightclubs and luxury hotels.

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Vietnam – a colorful city, rich markets and smiling locals. Combine a beach holiday with cognitive possible in Phan Thiet. This resort – one of the most attractive in Asia. But for the entertainment is better to go to Hanoi

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New Zealand

Inspiring scenery, glaciers, rainforests, mountains – this place is just magical. Fabulous scenery though retouched in Photoshop. You go and you do not believe that all this is real. Active guests can try bungee jumping, boating and hiking on the legendary Milford Track – the most popular tour of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks.

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Small and compact, Vienna is one of the most suitable European city for a single journey. Many concert halls, dozens of museums and cafes where you should stay. Salzburg, where he once lived Wolfgang Amadeus, even less, but no less worthy of a visit. And to clean lakes and hot springs go into a charming Carinthia.

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Spend a few days in the fascinating metropolis of Tokyo, a ride on a high-speed train passing Mount Fuji and enjoy the tranquility of the old Kyoto. As for the number of attractions and museums – this is okay: Japan find something to surprise even the most experienced travelers.

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Chileans are friendly and welcoming, which is a big plus for those who like traveling alone. Chile – a 3,000 km of deserts, mountains and endless coastline. You can go to the north, where you will find the magic Atacama Desert, or south to Chiloe Island or Patagonia. It is necessary to call in Santiago, Chile’s largest city. Chileans are very hospitable – so you can easily join the family barbecues and time to become a part of the Chilean family

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Stockholm – perfect for our way of traveling. It is quite compact and it is difficult to get lost. Want entertainment? Kayaks? Please. Do you want to spend the whole day exploring the city parks by bicycle? It’s easy. Outdoor cafe with stunningly delicious, artistic treasures of the Museum of Modern Art, Swedish designers shops, as well as amazing hotels and nightlife. All sights within easy walking distance.

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Costa Rica

Many travelers who visited the happiest country in the world, call it the most beautiful in the world. It is a favorite spot for surfing, as well as alloys of the river waters. There are endless mountain ranges, covered with sparse forests, numerous national parks, nature reserves and volcanoes, exotic beaches with black and white sand, roaring waterfalls and more.

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Temples, yoga on the beach, cheap food, housing and massage. One of the favorite places of spiritual seekers. All this is Bali – the most popular destination of travelers in Indonesia. Here coffee plantations replaced emerald terraces, unspoiled sacred lake – volcanic lakes. If you prefer a less popular tourist destination places visit Lombok, an island off the coast of Bali

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