3 basic types of scarves you should have in your wardrobe

Fashion is faced with one of the most dynamic trends nowadays. The trends can change overnight, but the interesting thing is that, old trends can easily become the new trends. Thus, keeping up with the pace of what is in and what is out can be really difficult. This is especially true when it comes to fashion accessories. But there is one accessory that will always be in trend. There is an accessory that will augment your dressing style, and make you look trendy. This accessory is the scarf. Because they are always trendy, you should have different types of scarves in your closet.

You might already know there different types of scarves in terms of material, function and style.  Speaking about the material, you can own a scarf in couple of basic materials. These are: silk scarves, wool scarves, cashmere scarves, cotton scarves and pashmina scarves. There are also scarves made from other materials. It is an accessory which can be found in many combinations, whether it is a color, material, and style.

Aside of the different types of scarves from a fabric perspective, there are also different scarves fulfilling different function. That is to say, scarves based on the body application or season to be used. Scarves can be head scarves or neck scarves. In addition, they could be also scarves for the winter season or scarves for the hotter seasons.


Square Scarf

Square scarf 3 basic types of scarves you should have in your wardrobe
Image via www.scarfroom.co.uk


This type of scarves are considered to hold the classical, yet elegant and causal style at the same time. Squared scarf can be accessory for your head, neck or even shoulders. If you have squared scarves in different colors and material, because it is a classy style, you can wear them on a daily bases.

Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarf 3 basic types of scarves you should have in your wardrobe
Image via http://shop.nordstrom.com

Infinity scarf can come in handy during the winter months. It is a practical accessory which can be worn around your neck, thus look both, elegant and casual at the same time depending on the scarf material.

Sarong scarf

Saron Scarf 3 basic types of scarves you should have in your wardrobe
Image via www.harpersbazaar.com

This type of scarf has wide application for your fashion style. Above all, it is a scarf that can be used during hotter seasons. The interesting function of the Sarong scarf is that it can be worn as a skirt or to cover your body, or simply used to augment your vacation style.

These basic types of scarves will make you look stunning in every occasion. If you want to have an accessory which will always be in trend, then most definitely you should have scarves. The material and style of the scarves you will have depend entirely on your personal style and sense for fashion.

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