5 Choice Locations for the Melbourne Homebuyer

Melbourne is an incredible city. It has a huge array of cafes, bars, restaurants and places to go. It also happens to be the most livable city in the world, which makes it a desired spot to set up a home for many people, and means that the housing market is diverse and plentiful. Buying a house in Melbourne is as simple as searching for Brighton Real Estate by Marshall White, and you’re one step closer to owning a beachside property that’s only 10 minutes from the CBD. As with any city, there are questionable suburbs, and there are higher-class suburbs, and it’s hard to see from the outsider’s perspective what would be considered a good place to put down roots. We’ve written up 5 choice locations for the Melbourne homebuyer as a way of giving you the inside knowledge of a wonderful city full of property that is just waiting to be occupied.

Mount Waverley

First up on the list is Mount Waverley. Mount Waverley is a south-eastern suburb that lies about 20-30 mins from the CBD, and boasts a network of public transport, a selection of schools, and a shopping area to suit just about every need. Mount Waverley has seen an increase in house prices recently, with a median house price of $1.27 million across the board, although cheaper buys do occasionally pop up. Mount Waverley is a family-oriented area, with a high level of safety and a low level of crime.


Richmond is an inner-city suburb that is a short 5-10 minute tram ride from the CBD. It is surrounded on all sides by many  shops, different cuisines, bars, cafes, and other nightlife. A house in Richmond will be around the $1.11 million mark, and although it is cheaper than Mount Waverley and closer to the city, population density is much higher, crime rates are higher, and the average house size is much smaller. Keep these things in mind when purchasing in Richmond, but also remember to consider the purpose of your house. If you’re looking to relax, work, and enjoy your Friday nights and weekends with reckless abandon, Richmond might be the place for you. If you’re looking for more of a family house, another suburb might be a better option.

800px Victoria Avenue   Canterbury 5 Choice Locations for the Melbourne Homebuyer


Canterbury is an older suburb in the south east of Melbourne, and is a wealthier suburb, too. It sits right on Canterbury road, and the streets are lined with huge trees whose canopies connect over the top of the road, making it a beautiful sight all year round. The houses in Canterbury are dignified and tend to either sport an older, classic house look or a super-modern style. With an average house price of $2.53 million it is very expensive, however the history and exclusivity of the area is a thing to behold.

Box Hill

Box Hill is quick on the rise as a popular and affordable suburb in the east of Melbourne. It’s close proximity to the hospital, it’s sprawling shopping district and it’s strength of culture all make it a wonderful choice as a home-buyer’s destination, and the price tag associated is a cool $1.4 million.

Bayswater North

Bayswater North comes in as the last, and the most affordable, area on this list. It’s recently seen a climb in house value that has seen people scrambling to buy up property there, and it’s proximity to the city doesn’t seem to be deterring anyone. With an average house price of $595,000, it’s easy to see why this idyllic suburb in the outer reaches of Melbourne might entice any home buyer.

 5 Choice Locations for the Melbourne Homebuyer

Melbourne’s suburbs are plentiful, and it’s choices are many, however usually only one house will end up under any given person’s name. It’s important to make sure yours is something you will be happy with for many years to come.


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