5 Perfect Additions To Your Alfresco Area

An alfresco area has the ability to bring comfort and beauty to any home. It serves to be much more than just a patio with a grill.  When designed properly, there are five major components to make an outdoor dining area absolutely perfect.

The focal point of the alfresco area will be the patio furniture, it is the congregation point.  The most important part of choosing materials is deciding which ones suit the needs best.  Aluminum is a very light weight material, that resists corrosion, and an aluminum patio set is easy to clean, making it a low maintenance cost option.  The down side of aluminum is that it isn’t very strong, and won’t stand up to heavy usage. Steel is heavier than aluminum and much stronger so if it is maintained well, it can last a very long time.  Because steel will rust, it becomes very important to purchase stainless or galvanized steel. If you choose a painted steel, it is imperative to keep up with repainting to make sure the set doesn’t rust away.  Cast iron patio furniture is the heaviest and most durable of the three types of metal furniture but falls into the same rust issues as steel with regards to maintenance.  Wood and plastic furniture are also available, but for longevity over maintenance purposes, metal is the way to go.

thermo2 5 Perfect Additions To Your Alfresco Area

The next major addition will be the barbecue.  There are many different types and styles, ranging from small charcoal grills to full built-in outdoor kitchens.  The type, style and fuel choice become more of a preferential decision, but there are so many choices that there is guaranteed to be something to match the furniture styles; the only restriction becomes space available and price.

One addition that will make your alfresco area absolutely perfect, and will extend the outdoor season, are gas or electric outdoor patio heaters.  Unobtrusive and for the most part unnoticed, these heaters will keep you warm on cool nights, and depending on how cold the winter is, the use of outdoor patio heaters can even extend the outdoor season all year long.  Because of their low energy consumption, they won’t hike up your electricity bills.  If the lines are already in place for a natural gas grill, it is an easy addition to blend in outdoor patio heaters to the infrastructure already in place.

Lighting is a major addition to an alfresco area.  Just like grill styles, there are many different types of lighting depending on the needs of the area.  Building mounted, ground mounted, pole mounted, ambient or overhead lighting will each bring a different type of illumination, so again it is important to assess the needs of the outdoor space and choose accordingly.

An overlooked addition that can save time and effort for the outdoor dining area is an outdoor sink. It allows you to clean dishes and glasses used outside. Many outdoor kitchen owners choose to keep a separate set of cutlery and dish ware that is used explicitly for the alfresco area.  The outdoor sink can also be used for little things like washing hands, making drinks, or even cooling off after a hard day of yard work.

Of all alfresco additions, the outdoor heater has undoubtedly the greatest impact on the alfresco experience, and can influence the amount of time spent outside. With a great selection and a great source of information, http://www.heatstrip.com.au/ should be your first stop when planning, or upgrading your alfresco area.


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