A Simplified Guide to bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is usually one of the most high-traffic areas within the home.

It’s your sanctuary, your place to relax and forget about the day’s worries. According to plumbing experts in Melbourne, it is also one of the most expensive rooms when it comes to renovation (coming close second to the kitchen).

When you consider each individual aspect of your bathroom such as the plumbing, bath, shower and sink basin, you can begin to see why bathroom renovation is a pricey affair. But how do you put a price on creating a beautiful bathroom that is both stylish, functional and that you and your family can enjoy for years to come?

Below is a simplified guide to your next bathroom renovation.



Your bath is commonly the first point of call after a long and stressful day, so it’s important to ensure you find the right tub for your needs. If you’re in the market for a new bathtub be sure to take a trip to a number of showrooms and do not be afraid to try before you buy. There are so many styles to choose from depending on your budget.

Inset tubs are great for those who are sticking to a tight budget, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes from traditional styles to something altogether more modern. If you have a larger budget and more space to play with then why not consider a freestanding bathtub. A classic claw foot tub can make a real statement in even the slickest, minimalist bathroom.

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No bathroom is complete without a toilet.

Depending on the quality and style in which you choose, the price of a loo can vary. The most cost-effective toilets are usually the close-coupled models. This traditional style features a cistern that sits above toilet pan. The higher quality close-coupled toilets usually have a wall-faced suite that sits close to the wall. This is to ensure that the water pipes that are connected to the toilet are well hidden and makes the simple design easy to clean. If you’re aiming for a more premium look it could be worth investing in a concealed or ‘in-wall’ model. Although these types of toilets are more expensive, the cistern is built into the wall cavity and is therefore totally concealed. Having the cistern in the wall cavity with only the buttons on show can really save on space and give the bathroom a more luxurious, high-end look.



The type of taps you choose to instal in your bathroom can really make or break the overall look. The taps are often used to tie different aspects such as the bath and sink together and therefore should be carefully considered. Traditional taps are purchased as a set. You may get 1 hot water tap, 1 tap for cold water and sometimes a separate spout. Mixer style taps are usually more modern in their design and can be mounted to either the sink itself or the wall directly above.

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Good quality taps that look great are worth spending on.

Visually appealing taps could improve the look of items such as the bath and sink basin, which in turn may give your bathroom a more luxurious look. If you opt for a wall mounted tap then it’s a good idea to choose the best quality tap within your budget. If, for instance, something was to go wrong and the wall mounted tap needed repairing or replacing, this could involve removing surrounding bathroom tiles. Removing the surrounding tiles could make the whole ordeal more costly.



There are four commonly used basin designs to consider during your bathroom renovation.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you may want to look at wall-hung or a semi-recessed basin. Both of these types of basins have been designed to fit into small spaces. If your bathroom features a vanity or bench top, you could look into above-counter basins or an under-mount basin. It’s important to consider the type of tap that you are thinking of installing whilst shopping for basins. Under-mount basins are great for minimalist bathrooms but require the taps to be mounted to the wall or bench top.

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Hopefully, the above information has covered the basics of bathroom renovation.

Taking note of the points listed above should ensure you find the right items to make your new bathroom suit your specific wants and needs. After you have the basics covered it’s time to really make your mark on the space with decorative tiles, paint, textiles and accessories. If you’re currently giving your bathroom a bit of a facelift then you may consider changing just one of the elements mentioned above.


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