How to do an affordable kitchen renovation in your home

Something that has grown in popularity in the past few years has been the renovation for profit. It’s also known as flipping houses. This kind of renovation should be done with great caution, because it requires someone to be a skilled renovator in order to be able to make a profit. We’re not advocating getting into the flipping game – far from it. We’d only like to bring to your attention some of the key tips that expert house flippers have gained over the years so that you can benefit from them! After all, performing a quality renovation cheaply and quickly is a key part of flipping – and being able to renovate the kitchen well without overcapitalising is definitely something good to know. Let’s take a look at how to perform a kitchen renovation.

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Understand the big power of paint.

When you go into a kitchen and notice peeling paint or discoloured walls above the stove you automatically think – old, dirty, or a combination of the two! If the structure and layout of your kitchen is already pretty decent you should look at just popping a few coats of well-chosen paint up. Colour can be updated quickly and easily in this way, and you get a great new kitchen to enjoy without having to dig out the power tools. Paint can be used to conceal a whole host of sins – from dated tiles to discoloured basins. You just need to make sure that you acquire the right kind of paint for the job and that you do a good job of painting. A key rule is to make sure that everything is nice and clean before you start, and take care not to get any drips and runs going on.

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Get floor fancy

If your kitchen is looking a bit dated in the floor department then you should really look into getting something that can cover it up quickly and easily. Today we have a whole range of finishes available – from stick on vinyl flooring to laminate floorboards. Take a look at what you have to work with and then make sure that you do the job well. There’s nothing worse than something looking the part but underperforming grossly.

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Remodel things if you need to

As you know, a kitchen can be a terribly expensive thing to renovate – unless you take some great shortcuts. As an example if you cabinets are in good condition, just change the drawer and cupboard fronts instead of replacing the whole shamozzle. The same goes for your benches. If they’re looking a bit shabby you can give them a great makeover using a whole range of the products available today. Things like Rust-Oleum are great for giving a granite-like finish to benches – and it’s affordable.

Light it up

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to updating your fitting and fixtures. Simply head to your local hardware store and try to choose between your options. There’s no excuse to hang on to a dated fixture just because you don’t know what to get!

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Don’t scrimp on the details

Things like the powerpoints, light switches and skirting boards are things that make a big difference when viewed with the whole picture. A couple of hours and a few hundred dollars can make a huge difference to your renovation and the overall result.

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If you’re overwhelmed with choices or struggling to choose what kind of cabinets or light fixtures to get – then get in touch with us, the kitchen renovation experts. Melbourne-wide, you can trust us with your kitchen renovation, You’re guaranteed to get the best possible result for your money when you choose ESI Kitchen Renovations. Get in touch today.

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