Amazing places to visit till you turn 30

Sometimes it is just easier to put your life on hold and just to work… But after a while you will be sad, empty because you do not have enough memories to put in your “adventure” book.So, fill the vacation request and pack your luggage…Some people are connecting traveling with majority, but you don’t have to be old to travel. Traveling is more than just a trip; it is a challenge for yourself and your knowledge. Why you need to be 30 to jump from the bridge in New Zealand, or to visit Rio de Janeiro carnival…

There are amazing laces that you have to go … no time wasting…

Machu Picchu

When I am talking about mysterious, adventure, challenge- I am talking about Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu the home of this chinchilla rat is an amazing place. Via Tony Hakim Amazing places to visit till you turn 30

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Prepare yourself as you are about to embark on a virtual tour exploring one of the most intriguing destinations on the planet.


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Machu Picchu is tangible evidence of the urban Inca Empire at the peak of its power and achievement—a citadel of cut stone fit together without mortar so tightly that its cracks still can’t be penetrated by a knife blade. The ruins lie on a high ridge, surrounded on three sides by the windy, turbulent Urubamba River some 2,000 feet (610 meters) below. Separated into three areas – agricultural, urban, and religious – the structures are arranged so that the function of the buildings matches the form of their surroundings.

’’Snow bomb’’ – Austria

Young and crazy, we need fun and party! This trip is one of those for whole life… Up all night, with thousands people all over the world, music, snow… White sensation!!!

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Snow bombing is a festival filled with fresh air, blue skies, black runs and white hot parties… A week-long whirlwind of world class DJs and bands, in the idyllic alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria. Days are spent skiing, boarding, enjoying music on mountain top stages or relaxing in the spa of a luxury hotel. Nights deliver cutting edge performances in unique venues, from a sky high igloo, to an enchanted forest clearing. Regarded by many as…

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The Greatest Show on Snow. Mystical. Musical. Without Equal…

Be adventurist in Jamaica

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For sure your remember the movie about the famous  Jamaican bobsled team… So, you can be next champion on that bobsled in Jamaica. There is this eco-friendly Mystic Mountain, build for adventure and great time. There is zip line, amazing swimming pool with view from Jamaica and bobsled around from the top.

Jamaica Mystic Mountain Introduction Amazing places to visit till you turn 30

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Don’t forget to take a cocktail on some of those amazing beaches there and to take “horse riding” on the same beach.

jamaica caribbean Amazing places to visit till you turn 30

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Those things are priceless!!!

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