Behind the Business | Restructuring Your Office Setup For Style and Creativity

If the face of your business is your office then you have to ask yourself “what does my face say about me?”  A beautiful office environment with clean lines and a contemporary feel speaks volumes about your success, productivity and style.  It is not uncommon however for companies even within the building or design industry to have become so concentrated on creating magnificent showpieces for others that they have allowed their own ‘faces’ to become somewhat unkempt.

The office environment you present to the world not only has implications with your clients, it also impacts on things like employee creativity, productivity and mental health. Considering the high stakes involved, let’s take a look at a few initiatives that you can undertake to restructure and revitalise your office and workspaces.

Livable Luxury

There is nothing like working with a commercial interior designer to really create workspaces that come alive.  Not only can they design perfect spaces for your unique needs, but they can also source exceptional furnishings and finishes to give you that ‘one of a kind’ look.  As an example, check out One Stop Office Interiors executive chairs.  Leather chairs are the ultimate in sleek luxury and provide a happy employee combined with the beauty of natural leather. Interior designers can also supply a range of magnificent furnishings that are ergonomically designed and a delight to behold.

Restructuring Your Office Setup For Style and Creativity Behind the Business | Restructuring Your Office Setup For Style and Creativity
Behind the Business | Restructuring Your Office Setup For Style and Creativity

It’s not all about the work

If there is one thing any commercial interior designer worth their salt would recommend, it is downtime spaces. These are areas where staff can move away from their desks, and may be filled with communal lounges where they can sit and share their experience and ideas.  Don’t underestimate the value of this – it is all about the whole being greater than the parts.  Quiet zones and focus rooms are fast becoming common in the modern workplace.

They allow employees a place to concentrate away from the noise and distractions of an open plan office or provide quiet areas away from the main hub to cater for confidential meetings and the like.  Private phone rooms and domed booths are also a great way to maintain open plan work spaces whilst allowing staff areas of privacy.

Free Range Offices

Just like free range chickens flourish over battery hens, people also flourish when they don’t feel tied to their desk.  Allow employees to go for walks in the sun which will improve their health, mental outlook and gets the creative juices flowing.  As a writer, I often hit a wall and seem to be lost for words so I take off for a long stroll.  100% of the time I can’t wait to get back to my desk as my head is full of new thoughts and ideas and I am bursting to get them down. Give staff the flexibility to work when they feel creative, on their terms rather than by the clock.

Brighten Your World

Whether by artwork or by paint, the relationship between colour and creativity has long been appreciated.  Source corporate artwork from a professional if possible.  They will be able to work with you to select the ideal pieces based on the type of business you have, whether you are projecting a classic or contemporary feel, and what the colour palette is that you need to complement.

There are numerous ways to restructure and revitalise your office to make it more creative and productive. The range of ideas are limited only by your imagination.  Don’t underestimate the process of allowing your most valuable asset – your staff – to have some input in the planning process, after all they will be the ones benefiting from the changes and will appreciate their opinions being sought.  Being innovative in your interior design has a flow on effect, inspiring and nurturing minds to flourish and from that springs a creativity perhaps untapped before.

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