Your Complete Guide To Mattress Shopping This Summer

Summers are approaching, and you must be getting all charged up for it! I know it has been a lazy winter season and now you want to have a lot of fun in the sun. Well you must, but you should also keep some points in mind about how to stay fit and healthy during the season. If you are planning to buy a mattress this season and having sound sleeps, then here’s your complete guide to it.

Before deciding for a mattress, you must also keep in mind the climate of Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth or wherever you are in Australia. Your mattress should be able to adapt itself as per the weather conditions. You should know your mattress well before purchasing one.

Try a Memory Foam Mattress

You got to implement certain methods for a better sleep because you can’t control the weather. By using a heat and pressure-relieving memory foam mattress you can sleep well in almost any weather condition. They are really comfortable and offer good durability. But they are a bit costly, so you will have to check if you can afford them.

The Senso Memory Ultima Plus mattress is a good form of memory foam mattress which can easily adjust to the temperature of your sleeping environment. It is just the perfect mattress to survive hot and uncomfortable nights. It easily adjusts your body’s movements and accommodates your pressure points well. Your body must cool down and be relaxed if you want to sleep the right way. This mattress is an excellent combination of comfort and cooling sleep technology.

56 Your Complete Guide To Mattress Shopping This Summer

Yes, you can get a mattress online!

It’s perfectly fine to buy mattresses online these days like any other commodity. You can find a number of websites these days selling good mattresses along with other bed accessories like, headboards, pillows, bed frames, etc. Just do some proper research on these websites and you may find a very good deal. Make sure your seller includes all the important warranty policies for you. You must also insist your seller to offer you in-house trial feature. It is really important to try a mattress well before you finalize one.

Follow a strict bedtime schedule

The best way to sleep during any weather condition is by following a strict bedtime schedule. It helps you attaining a healthy body, so that you easily get adapted to abrupt temperature changes. Remember that bedtime routines are not similar for everyone.

Exercise a bit

Sudden changes in weather often lead to pain in the joints as well as poor blood circulation. You can avoid them by doing some stretches before you sleep or by doing bedtime yoga. It will help you in relaxing your mind and easing muscular tensions. You can try out the extended triangle pose if you have issues like backache, neck ache, stress or anxiety. Also, butterfly pose and happy baby pose help in stretching your body a lot.

Try alternative therapy

If you are suffering with insomnia because of weather change, you should definitely give acupuncture a try. It is an excellent medical practice which helps in combating sleep problems. During an acupuncture session, multiple needles are placed on some specific points in your body. Targeting these points help enhancing your body’s energy flow as well as diminishing sleep discomforts. Try getting this done once a week.

These are some really helpful tips and can bring a lot of changes in your life when followed strictly. Happy Summers!


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