Follow These Tips to Keep Your House Clutter-Free

A clean house is a clutter free house. If you have children, it can be difficult to keep the home clutter free. Kids have toys, they come home with papers from school, and many always pick up after themselves. If you have a small house, it can also be difficult to keep it clutter free, as it can be hard to find places to keep things. If you want to keep your home free of clutter, there are a few things that you should do.

Do a Major Clean Out

The first step to keep your home clutter free is to do one major clean out. You should clean your closets, cabinets, garage, basement, and attic. To get rid of everything quickly and easily, you may hire a company who specializes in rubbish removal. A rubbish removal Rockdale company will come to your home and take away everything that you need to throw away. You should do a major clean out once a year.

Create Clutter Reserves

Regardless of how hard your try, things will accumulate and clutter up the home. The best way to prevent this is to create clutter reserves. In the kitchen, you can put a basket in the middle of the table so you don’t have things all over the table and the countertops. Once every couple months, you can clean out the baskets and throw away the things that you won’t need.

For your child’s school papers, you can create a folder. Anything you want to save can go in the folder, and as it fills up, you can throw away the things at the bottom of the pile.

For magazines and catalogs, put a bucket in the corner of the living room, and keep them in there until you are ready to look through them. Once the bucket is full, throw everything inside away.

Follow the ‘One in One Out’ Rule

If you follow the one in one out rule, clutter will never be an issue. If you bring in a new magazine and catalog, throw away the one that you have on your coffee table. If your child brings home a school paper, throw away the one that they brought home the day before. Before your child has a birthday or before Christmas, clean out their toy box and donate any old toys to make room for the new ones. The same is true before you take your children school shopping. Donate their old clothes to make room for the new ones.

Follow the ‘Everything Has its Place’ Rule

Every item in your home should have a place. It is important to stick to that rule and put things away after you use them. This will keep clutter from building up all over the surfaces in your home. If you have something that doesn’t have a place, throw it away.

Keep a Smaller Toy Bin in Your Child’s Room

Most kids have a collection of small toys. They have toys from the meal at a fast food restaurant, tiny army men, and small blocks. These toys will fall to the bottom of the toy box, and they would need to pull every toy out to reach them. The best way to keep your child’s floor clutter free is to set up a small plastic bin in their room specifically for these toys.

An organized home is a clean home. To keep your home clutter free, follow the tips above.

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