Is your Backyard High-Maintenance?

Our backyard is the place that we can go to hang out – a sanctuary away from the constraints of indoors and the place where we grow plants and enjoy nature. The backyard is a beautiful spot for any family or group of friends in a sharehouse to go and barbecue, play, sunbathe and relax, and where we’re safe. The only problem here is if your backyard has fallen into disrepair, and if you cannot be bothered to start the often-arduous and difficult task of cleaning up the backyard.

If your lawn has grown long and scraggly, and if your plants and vines are threatening to overtake your entire house, then you might say that your backyard is a little too high-maintenance. If this is the case, you’ll find that instead of being a sanctuary to relax in, your backyard is a source of stress and displeasure, and is a place to avoid at all costs – lest you be reminded of the huge amount of work that needs to be done in order to make it livable. The good news is that there are some things you can do to ensure that your backyard is a low-maintenance joy and pleasure, and by following these handy tips, you’re going to ensure that your backyard is a hot-spot no matter what.

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Step One: Ditch the dirt and go for pavers

Something a friend of mine did recently was dig up the ratty old bit of grass that he had adorning his backyard. It had been bugging him for months (if not years) and he put down some stunning pavers – I think he got them from Bonita Stone. Once he had done that, he had a new lease on his outdoor area – he was out there all the time barbecuing and enjoying the space, whereas before he was just frustrated about the fact that it was dusty and dirty out there. If you’re a low-maintenance kind of person, you’re going to love the flexibility and ease that comes with having pavers. It also makes for a cleaner look to the backyard if your space is just a bit too small to mow often.

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Step Two: Think about your plants

Got some creepers crawling up your walls and sick to death of them? You have a choice here – either learn to love the ragged jungle look or chop the greenery away and replace them with some plants that are easier to contain. There’s probably nothing I hate more than going out and doing what I consider to be a lot of gardening work, only to see the plants that I thought I had restrained, back out in full force within weeks. Ugh. Choose trees that don’t shed their leaves – like pine trees – and enjoy the beauty of not only your evergreen trees, but of a backyard that doesn’t need raking. Ever.

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Step Three: Love the green but hate to mow? Go fake all the way

There is a surprisingly awesome number of faux-grass products out there on the market. If you have a smaller space, live in an apartment or a townhouse or just REALLY hate mowing, then fake grass might be just the thing for you. You can get quotes online and search for the product you want, so why not give it some thought? It might be the best thing you ever do for your garden and for your sanity.

Hopefully these three tips on how to get a low maintenance backyard and going to give you the help you need to downsize your chores and upsize your enjoyment of your backyard. If you’re a low maintenance kind of person, you should definitely treat yourself to some of these tips. Happy downsizing!

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