Severing Bonds – The Roommate Survival Guide to Moving Home

Rental prices can mean that sometimes you will have to live with someone else.

Sharing a house or apartment is always an interesting time, not necessarily good and not necessarily bad, but it does test the boundaries of your friendship if you’re living with friends.

Some people choose to live with people who they meet online or through friends, and this can often work out better, as there is less history between the two involved parties. For stuff like cleaning the house upon exiting, a cleaning service like Whizz Home Cleaning Service can take all of the work out of your hands, which can help to ease the moving-out tensions often brought on between housemates.

Be Clear on Rules

This is a very important point.

Before moving in with someone, make sure to have a discussion about what they expect from the living situation, and clearly explain what you expect. Communication is key when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and sharing something as important and personal as a home means that everyone needs to have their say about what they need. You are included in this, don’t neglect to mention something on the basis that it is assumed, always assume that unless openly and clearly stated, the other person is unaware. This works to minimise errors in communication.

Split Everything

Often people will try splitting everything evenly, which can work well, however sometimes people will instead opt to pay prices based on what they have used or the size of their room. This is a different method which might not always work, but if you are going to attempt it, being clear on the parameters that define the costs is very important. Finance is a touchy subject, and friendships have been built and broken on less than a missing fifty dollars on a gas bill.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

Always remember that you are living with another adult, and that that person has just as much need for privacy as you do. You don’t open their letters, go into their room, or look through their things without their permission, and you will have a harmonious household. Fail to do so, and you might stand to lose a friend. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t want people going through your things, and that trust needs to be built and maintained between two parties, not bought or sacrificed lightly. If you both treat each other’s privacy with respect, you stand a better chance of  having a mutually respectful and beneficial living arrangement.

Make Concessions

Untitled 1 300x201 Severing Bonds   The Roommate Survival Guide to Moving HomeEveryone wants a perfect home, which includes you and your future roommate.

Your tastes might be different, and your wants might be different, but no house or apartment is ever going to have everything you both want. You are going to have to make concessions in your criteria, and the sooner you both accept that, the sooner you can get a place that works for both of you. This extends to household behaviours as well.

Everyone has pet peeves, and everyone can set aside their differences as adults when they need to.

Voice concerns where needed, and communicate effectively and there shouldn’t be any long term problems, or at least no surprise costs related to finding a new roommate.

Moving in with someone can be a harrowing experience, or the best experience of your life. Finding the balance between the two is the tough part of that journey, but it’s always easier with clear communication and mutual respect.

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