Top 3 trends sweeping the web

These days, on the Internet, a trend can appear out of nowhere, go viral, make somebody a million bucks and die again before you’ve finished your breakfast, it can be pretty hard to keep up. But there are always a few that stick around for a bit longer, picking up celebrity endorsements and even have a lasting effect on culture. Here are three recent trends that are all over the Internet, and probably your city, too.

  1. Drift Scooters

If you have made even only a few cursory glances towards popular culture this year, then you have probably noticed celebrities gliding around without using their legs in TV shows, video clips and even one or two movies. What is that thing that looks kind of like a sideways skateboard? That, my friend, is a Drift Scooter, and the world is going nuts for them. It all started, as it so often does, with Justin Bieber, who started posting pictures of himself cruising along on Instagram and since then, the list of celebrities drifting around on these scooters is started to grow. Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Skrillex, David Ortiz, Jamie Foxx drifted onto the Tonight Show and it has also showed up at the NBA finals. The Drift Scooter is a simple skateboard-like device that you control by shifting your balance over the two independently stabilized wheels, it has a top speed of 6mph, the battery will last for about 12 miles and it appears to be relatively safe, with no reports of any serious accidents. We want one.

Smart drifting scooter self balance electric scoote drift plate 36V 158Wh lithium battery 6 5 inch Top 3 trends sweeping the web
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  1. Phone Games

This is the year that phone gaming went crazy. For many years, computer games were the domain of spotty pre-pubescent teenagers and man-boys still living in their parents house. The content of games was aimed exclusively at that market and it was assumed that the gaming industry would have an ever-replenishing group of young men on whom to sell their games, it was happy times. No one anticipated the kind of change that the smartphone was going start; when the iPhone first came out, they weren’t even that keen on having a games section for their app store. But the market for Smartphone games is now worth millions of dollars worldwide thanks to a string of easy to play and addictive games that are either free or only cost a few dollars. Smartphones have turned everyone into gamers, many people who never would have looked at a computer game are now Fruit Ninja-ing their way home from work or killing a bit of extra time by shooting an Angry Bird out of a sling shot. The relative ease of designing a game for the platform has also meant smaller developers have a chance to break into the market and a good idea, rather than a huge budget, is all these developers need to get in on the action.

  1. The Copycat Video

They all follow pretty much the same formula; somebody makes an amusing/heartfelt video and posts it online, a lot of people watch it and then make their own version and post it online too. It probably all started around the time Gangnam Style was a thing but it’s been going strong ever since, and has been harnessed for some good causes, like the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, that raised money for charity by having participants tip a bucket of ice over their head and challenging somebody in particular to do the same. However, much of the time, it simply features participants doing something stupid/dangerous for the amusement of others, recent examples include the Cinnamon Challenge, Milking, The Condom Challenge (don’t ask) and the Harlem Shake.

The Internet is a force for both good, evil and, more often, the irreverent, as we have seen by the current trends capturing people’s imagination. But the good thing about the Internet is that you get to choose what you see and consume, there really is a corner of the Internet for everyone.


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