Top five 21st birthday party ideas for Sydneysiders

The excitement of planning and reaching the ripe old age of 21 is like no other. Knowing you are officially an adult in the eyes of the world is an occasion not only to be celebrated, but it will be remembered for years to come. For me, it was the one huge party that I looked forward to from the age of 18 until the day of my 21st birthday, and I still look back fondly on now. With all your friends and family by your side rejoicing in your transition to adulthood, it is a once in a lifetime experience to be shared with your loved ones. Therefore, it is important to invest ample time in deciding on the right environment to host these revelations in style.

I think with any important period in your life, with a little prior thought and planning, it most definitely makes for an exceptional event. Having planned my sister’s 21st recently, and seeing the pure happiness on her expressive face throughout the evening, I want nothing more than to share my top five 21st birthday party ideas in the hope that it will ignite your ruthless desire to research and plan a night to remember.

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Obviously, there are the standard points to consider, such as where your official birthday falls in the week, and which date is best to host your event on, who you want to invite, and how much notice you have to give everyone to RSVP. However, these five points were the creative aspects of my party planning, which really gave the event that something extra.

  1. The Venue

When planning your event, choosing the right venue really does make a massive difference and it works to set the atmosphere right from the get go. It is a good idea to really research the area in which you want to hold you 21st, and consider the proximity from public transport, or the possible accessibility of obtaining a taxi because the last thing you want is to do is to have your 21st in a relatively remote venue, where everyone decides to drive (and then can’t drink and make merry with you).

Once you have an idea of the general location, it is time to start shortlisting potential venues. I found calling them to discuss their event packages is a great way to drill down, reducing your list. Once you have a few choices, viewing the venues is a must. This will help you to visualise the space, and if it isn’t already decorated to your liking, taking photos and sharing these with your friends will allow your creative decorating ideas to flow.

  1. Assign a colour themes

Sourcing the right decorative pieces however small or grand they may be, is an aspect of the planning process that does take a little more time than others. This being said I found a making a mood board, whether this is made physically or on Pinterest, can really shape this process. Assigning a colour theme from the start allows you a degree of flexibility with the other items, as this colour will tie everything together beautifully. You can even extend this colour theme to your guests’ outfits.

  1. Mix your own personal cocktail

Another awesome touch is getting a mixologist to create your own personal cocktail, as creating something that exemplifies your favourite tastes and your personality is a fun twist to any menu.

  1. Your own Photo booth

Yes I know, your own photo booth, how luxurious! I searched around for the best photo booth hire in Sydney and was so happy with the result, the props supplied were absolutely brilliant, and the photographs that were produced were to die for. It really got everyone involved and beaming with smiles.

  1. Create your own Instagram hashtag

Another great way to keep the 21st birthday celebrations alive post event, is to create your own birthday hashtag and ask everyone to post and share their pictures of the night, and also the photographs from the photo booth. You’ll be reliving the fun for weeks afterwards.

I hope these little snippets of inspiration, help you to plan the birthday event of the year, and you have a hugely wonderful 21st birthday, which you can remember for a lifetime. I know I still reminisce.


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