Top Tips For Reducing Energy Consumption

Cold weather reminds everyone that energy consumption is about to go up. Stay warm, comfortable and be able to enjoy a reduction in your electricity bills by taking a few precautions before the season arrives. Once this goal is met, an incentive for reducing your total energy output year round will seem much easier.

Keep Records

Write down the energy consumption for the past year, by month. This will provide a comparison to your present usage. List the KWH (Kilowatt hours) in addition to the actual monthly cost. Seeing a difference in savings will trigger old habits to change.

A Large Energy Guzzler

Families tend to use clothes dryers more frequently during the winter months. Clothes get wet from rain and snow and a quick throw in the dryer seems the best method for bringing them back to a dry state. However, the clothes dryer is one of the main appliances that has not been addressed sufficiently for energy efficiency and can shoot up your electric or gas bill. Find an area in your home where clothes can be hung to air dry or close to energy efficient heaters. Also, pay attention to the amount of clothes packed in the dryer. More clothes mean longer drying time.

thermo3 Top Tips For Reducing Energy Consumption

Furnace Maintenance

It can be easy to forget about a heating system until it is time to use it. Chances are, this piece of equipment  has been sitting and collecting dust for the past 4 to 5 months and is in need of a good cleaning. Turning on a furnace that has to fight to run, takes more energy and will continue to struggle throughout the heating season. Also, keep a supply of air filters on hand to change monthly. When filters are close by, there is no reason for procrastination.

Spot Heating

Most homes have an area that never seems to be as warm as the rest of the house. This could be due to the ducts being far away from the furnace, facing the west or north, or poor insulation. Portable energy efficient heaters can solve this problem nicely, but only if they do not use a large amount of electricity. Space heaters have changed dramatically over the past decade. New designs and features, such as timers and thermostats, help to control the amount of energy and time used. Check the manufacturer’s specs for energy ratings before purchasing.

thermo1 Top Tips For Reducing Energy Consumption

Window Film

Window film not only keeps the sun’s glare from invading your living space but is also is energy efficient by using a heat transfer method. No one will be running to the thermostat to control the temperature during different times of the day because the energy is evened out and comfortable. As the sun’s strong rays penetrate glass in mid-afternoon, there will be no need to adjust the heat because it will be stored for the colder evenings. A good website for more information is

Electric Monitor Meters

There will probably be a lot of static from family members in trying to encourage them to conserve energy. An electric monitor meter will prove how much energy each appliance or gadget uses. Try it on computers, TVs, water heaters, energy efficient heaters or anything else that uses electricity. Being aware of how much energy is being wasted can open eyes in a hurry. Models can be purchased for $20 and are well worth the money.

Take steps today to make your home more energy efficient by checking the Energy Star rating on appliances, investing in energy efficient heaters, checking the insulation in the colder areas of your home and keeping records of cost savings.





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