The Two Best Cities to Live in Australia

Maybe your moving-to-Australia plan is the best thing you can do with your life, this plan need not necessarily be easy on your life. With the plan to move to Australia comes with the hardest choice to make for where to live in Australia. The choice is hard because the decision has to be made between the cities that are neck and neck in almost everything, whether it is visas, citizenship, infrastructure, culture, food, shopping, transport, safety, nightlife, accommodation, cost of living, cityscape, health care, locals, rules, weather, education, work culture, quality of life and so forth. And you cannot evade making this decision simply because it will have a huge impact on your future and will decide how comfortable you are going to feel in your surroundings. This article will try to help you out with making such a crucial decision. Read on!

sydney opera house sydney australia The Two Best Cities to Live in Australia

Option #1: Sydney

No matter how aggressively other cities of Australia develop, Sydney is going to enjoy its top position forever. From the endearing sights of Sydney Harbour to the sands of Bondi Beach, Sydney is a metropolitan city of Australia that is tremendously famous all over the world for its impressiveness. It is one of the Australia’s largest and oldest cities which has caught the attention of the world mainly for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. It is also one of the busiest cities with the hectic pace like that of any other major metropolitan city, but with the overwhelming charm of iconic man-made landmarks that the entire world has ever seen.

Sydney follows a set of seasons with the severity of Australian summer reported in the months from November to February. As far as transport is concerned, a poorly developed transportation system brings down the value of this city. Otherwise, economy-wise and education-wise, Sydney is abound with many great options. And remember to take into consideration that Sydney is the costliest city in Australia.

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Option #2: Melbourne

After Sydney, Melbourne is considered as the Australia’s largest city. As it is brimming with one-of-a-kind sporting venues, there is no doubt that Melbourne is the country’s cultural and sporting hub. It is also known for bagging the title of “world’s most liveable city” for at least four consecutive years from 140 cities all over the world. Its residents are fond of both arts and sports and enjoy the finest nightlife ever. The dining options in Melbourne are also enormous and gratifying for all sorts of epicure. From weather point of view, Melbourne is less harsh as compared to Sydney.

When it comes to transport, Melbourne showcases a systematically developed grid system which lets the city dwellers savour travelling in the city and find it easy to access Melbourne’s city centre. And with an elaborate public transport system, travelling would never be a problem in the city. And it is the city’s private transport system like taxi service in Melbourne that fills up the places where public transport falls short of. Job and education quality and prospects in Melbourne are quite on a par with Sydney’s. What’s more: Although Melbourne is not as expensive as Sydney, yet it is pricey.

This famous battle between Sydney and Melbourne has been onset since ages. And there is no conclusive proof that why one is better than the other unless you take note of your preferences over what the cities in question have to offer. It is not that other cities of Australia such as Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin among others are not liveable. They are fine too, maybe better if they fulfill your criteria well. Considering this, it can be safely concluded that which Australian city will be able to live up to your expectations has something to do with your preferences and needs.   

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