Types of gazebo for your garden

Because of its practicality and design versatility, gazebo is one of the most widely used element for gardens. There are different types of gazebo which could fulfill any garden style, and augment the missing piece in your landscape. Having a gazebo in your garden or back yard is practical because of couple of things, these are:

  • Augment the style of your garden with elegant design;
  • Protect you from the sun during summer days by providing a garden-fresh shade;
  • You can enjoy an outdoor dinner or lunch with your friends;
  • You can just sit down or lay down and enjoy the beautiful fresh air in your garden;

Gazebos can be found in vast number of designs, styles, shapes and materials. Thus, it is rather difficult to fail to find a gazebo which will be suitable for your landscape from the variety of types of gazebo available. Starting with the shapes, the commonly used shapes for gazebo are: six sided structure, round structure, square, rectangular, and oblong. Keep in mind that these are only the basic shapes, there are shapes which will be adequate for different types of garden styles.

As it was the case with the shapes, gazebos can also be found in many different designs. The basic designs are:  folly gazebo, rotundas gazebo, Victorian gazebo, Asian gazebo, pavilion gazebo and pergola gazebo.

Folly Gazebo

folly gazebo Types of gazebo for your garden
Image via: www.blackcountrymetalworks.co.uk

This form of design is intended to be a decorative piece, because it doesn’t offer a roof over your head i.e. shelter. It can come in different sizes and can augment your landscape without obstructing the view.

Rotundas Gazebo


Rotunda Gazebo Types of gazebo for your garden
Image via: http://housely.com/

Most common shape of the rotundas gazebo is rounded or circular shape. Because this design is primarily of European origin, it can augment the style of your garden. In addition, this gazebo has a spherical roof which augment the design style even more.

Victorian Gazebo

Victorian Gazebo Types of gazebo for your garden
Image via: www.creativegazebos.com

Victorian gazebo is the right gazebo design for you if you want to incorporate different decorative bits and piece.

Pavilion Gazebo

Pavilion Gazebo Types of gazebo for your garden
Image via: www.amishoriginals.us

Most common shape of Pavilion gazebo is the octagonal shape, but can also be found in a rectangular shape. The attractive thing about this gazebo design is the flow of fresh air. The flow of fresh air is possible because the gazebo is open sided.

Pergola Gazebo

Pergola design Types of gazebo for your garden
Image via: www.designrulz.com

This gazebo design is practical if you want to have a stylish walkway and or a place to relax. It design is based on multiple vertical pillars that are supporting cross-beams creating an open lattice. This design doesn’t have a roof in the traditional style. Pergola gazebo can be combined with the surrounding plants and flowers and achieve irreplaceable decor in your garden. It can also blend well in the landscape if it incorporates vines.

Aside of the numerous shapes and designs of gazebos, they are also available in different materials. Gazebos can be made from wood, metal or vinyl. Which material you will use depends solely on your personal preferences and the place where you intent to construct a gazebo. Gazebo is extremely tasteful and widely accepted outdoor decor.

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