Types of home bars you should consider

Having a larger liquor collection can impose the need for an adequate piece of furniture to be designed, as well as an adequate position in your room. This means that you should have free space, but it doesn’t mean that you should buy some overprice bar. There are many bar designer offered by the stores for an acceptable prices. The only thing you should is to decide on which type of home bar design will bring you most pleasure and enjoyment.  Keep in mind that there are different types of home bars, some of them are: straight bar, corner home bar, folding home bar, hide a home bar, and wrap-around home bar.

Straight home bar

Straight Home bar Types of home bars you should consider
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Straight home bar is the classical type of bar we commonly see. Namely, this type of bar has a space to accommodate the bartender, while the guests are placed (sitting or standing) in front of the bar. This home bar type can demand more space because it is placed away form the wall in order to have enough space for the bartender.

Corner home bar

Corner home bar Types of home bars you should consider
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Among the different types of home bars, the corner home bar is most popular for saving space and turning the empty doll corner into essential area of the room. Because it is placed in corner it doesn’t take up much of your usable space. In addition, this type of bar can be an elegant yet practical decoration if you have a larger area. Moreover, since it is placed in the corner, it can provide a discretion if you want to move away from the room crowd.

Folding home bar

Folding home bar Types of home bars you should consider
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This bar design is also referred to as swing open bar. This bar is practical because it can maximize the existing space. As the name implies, the sides of the bar can be opened and it can form a standard home bar size. Because it is foldable, it is also flexible. Namely, if you don’t need it just fold it.

Hide a home bar

Hide a home bar is a bar offering discretion and flexibility. Because of primary goal, it can comer in variety of designs, there are hide a home bars designs which look nothing like a bar, but a small door will open the door to a liquor pleasure.  It is also useful because it protects your bar content form dirt. It also provides the option for a lockable door, if you want to protect your favorite liquor.

Wrap-around home bar

Wrap around home bar Types of home bars you should consider
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Wrap-around home bar has an extendable counter space. The bar can be extended on both side to form a U-shaped outline. It is common for this home bar design to have one side shorter for the purpose of blending in a sink or some appliance.

If you are planning to have a home bar then there are couple of things you should consider when going through the different types of home bars. First, are you going to design the bar by yourself or you will hire a professional. Second, is the type of bar design that would be appropriate for the available space you have. Third, the type of home bar which will satisfy your needs, think whether you want everybody to know about your bar, or it will be for your personal pleasure.

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