Ways to boost the equity value of your property

If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, you want to list it with the intention to sell it as quickly as possible for your desired sales price. To achieve this, your property needs to appeal to buyers and attract an influx of offers from them to purchase the property. Real estate agent comparison website LocalAgentFinder believe that it’s no secret that beautifully designed properties sell for more. By using the following staging tips, you can improve the interior and exterior design appeal for your property and increase the equity value that your property will sell for.

Make the exterior of your home ‘Welcoming’.

Typically, potential buyers will drive by the property to assess whether or not they would like to go ahead with an open house inspection. Some ways to make the exterior of your property appear more inviting include:

Cleaning and sealing walkways, driveways and paths.

Make your walkways, driveways and paths more appealing by cleaning them of debris and sealing them.

Presenting a neat garden.

Lure your buyers into the dream of owning your property by presenting an attractive garden. The plants should appear fresh and green while the grass and shrubs should be trimmed neatly.

home Ways to boost the equity value of your property


Freshly painting the exterior of the property.

A fresh coat of paint can breathe a new lease of life into properties. Just take a look at the before and after pictures of the property below.


home before Ways to boost the equity value of your property



home after Ways to boost the equity value of your property


Make the rooms inside the property feel like suites.

home3 Ways to boost the equity value of your property


The bedrooms and living rooms will strike the purchasing chord with potential buyers if the property is presented right. You want browsers to connect with the property emotionally and this will be achieved through the interior décor that is used for the property. For example:

  • Long flowing curtain drapes
  • Mirrors and glass objects to improve the natural light within the room.
  • The use of subtle artificial lighting through lamps and reflective LEDs.
  • Enticing cushions, sofas, rugs, duvets and throws.

Ensure the home is sparkling clean!

The cleaner the property looks, the more appealing it will be to buyers. Get rid of any items that appear to clutter the property and get the windows gleaming and the floors shining. It is the cheapest way to make your property appear more presentable.

Sell the private getaway spaces that the home has to offer.

Sell the idea that the property owner can get away from it all without having to leave the comfort of their property. Pitch the getaway areas of your property such as:

  • Private cinema
  • Pool room
  • Man Cave
  • Private terrace
  • Private office
  • Granny flat

Make sure the property sells the fantasy!

You want prospective property buyers to see themselves in the property. The experience that each room presents should increase their desire to own the property. For example, when they walk into the dining room, can they see themselves entertaining guests at a dinner party? Or can they see themselves relaxing in comfort in their lounge room?

Make the bathroom feel magical!


Beautiful and pristine bathrooms sell properties. Properties that present bathrooms like luxury spas or dressing rooms will win over the hearts of prospective buyers. Some ways to improve the bathroom’s appeal include:

  • Providing double sinks
  • Furnishing the bathroom’s tiles with marble.
  • Installing a spa bath.
  • Providing a dream shower (Such as a waterfall or rainfall shower).
  • Natural lighting from skylights or solar tubes.
  • Interesting views such as a living wall, sky or scenery.

Remember that when you are selling the property, it needs to increase the buyer’s desire to bid on the property. Properties that make buyer’s jaws drop will trigger a bidding war that will allow property vendors to sell their property above their asking price. Use the tips provided to get your property sold within weeks of listing.


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