Why wireless speakers are a sound investment

 It’s time to cut the cord. That’s right, we are now living in a time where we don’t need our speakers to be wire-bound. We want our music out there, wherever we are, wherever we are going. The popularity of wireless speakers is really exploding and there are good reasons for this. In case you need convincing, here are 5 reasons why you need to be listening to your music wirelessly.


In the past, people would put a record on and sit down to listen, which was great, that was all the technology allowed. We evidently had more time to devote to the practice of listening back then. But now, we lead busy lives and we’re on the move all the time so we need to use the technology we have to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Wireless speaker technology is a serious addition to the cause. Whether you want to hear the news in the bathroom while you take a shower in the morning, listen to some tunes while you have lunch with a friend in the park or just chill out on your bed at home after work, you can do it all with the beauty of wireless speakers.

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Stream anywhere, from anywhere.

Bluetooth is the long established mainstay of the wireless technology field and because of its ubiquity, pretty much every new device has capability, it is a wise investment choice as there’s a good chance your speaker will work with a friend’s device. The Bluetooth technology also delivers pretty reliable sound quality and works at distances of 15-20 meters. You really can’t go wrong with a blue tooth speaker.

The latest Airplay technology is not just a replacement for wires; what many wireless systems now do is allow you to stream music from multiple devices, to sync various collections, from your computer or your device, so that you can have everything in one place, wherever you are right now. This technology uses a Wi-Fi network so it is more effective around the home and office than outdoors at a picnic.

There are also some companies that offer full wireless systems that operate on closed loop so that while the audio quality may be great, it makes it hard – actually impossible – to use with other devices. This may still be a good option if you want to set up a system in your home.

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The old days are over, we don’t need to mess around with cables that get tangled and break, or somebody borrows them and never brings it back. With wireless, you can be sure that you won’t get stuck without beats!

Sound bars

Sound bars are making quite a big impact on the market. They are perfect for people who are looking for a superior sound quality without going to all the trouble of a full on home stereo system. They’re portable, they sound great and they’re becoming more competitively priced.

Buying advice

Even though most wireless products these days are delivering a good service, it’s still important to go into a store to test out a demo. Make sure you have some music with you that you know well so you will be able to assess the audio quality of anything you try out. If you are a household that uses only apple products, then you might want to give their new AirPlay system a go, but if you’re after a product that gives you the flexibility to use different devices on the system, then its better to go with a system that uses Bluetooth.


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